«You are the best me I ever heard!»

Elton John

Principe di Savoia Hotel, Milan, Italy, 1984

«It‟s crazy!…I‟m totally shocked!…I couldn‟t believe it was someone else up there and not Elton himself…
I feel like I‟ve been pulled through some kind of time warp and was back in the 70‟s or 80‟s…The songs, the voice, the glamour… just fantastic!
…All thumbs up!»

Sara McGregor

Event manager, Exterior Promotions London, U.K., 2008

«This production is as close as you will ever get to the Real Thing: slick, musical & entertaining!»

Charlie Morgan

Former Drummer of the Elton John Band, Nashville TN 2015

«The show is amazing and C.J. Marvin is without any doubt one of the world‟s most sensational “Elton John tribute artist!”
As the grand piano takes centre stage the crowd is awestruck with both a powerful and emotional tribute to Elton John with selections which have the audience from “Crocodile Rocking” to remembering the fragility of
a “Candle in the Wind” …Simply magnificent!»

Rev. Bruce Sheasby

Producer of the “Blue Christmas Concert”, Epcor Center‟s Jack Singer Hall, Calgary, Canada, 2007

«.. we are most impressed to hear such a rare talent. The quality of the music impressed both myself and my colleagues. Hiring this show will ensure that you will receive an exceptional and quality performance that will impress and entertain anyone.» Recommendation of Norpark

Unni Husum-Hogseth

Office Manager, Norpark-Norges Parkeringsforening, Oslo, Norway, 2011

«The show is fantastic, exciting. C J Marvin is a great professional as well as his musicians. I have seen the show several times in Italy, it is always overwhelming, he knows how to involve the public and makes it participate to the show, a real rock star.
Very good, absolutely not to be missed.»

Jimmy Chinellato

recommends The Elton Show, 2019